Bilateral Relations


General information

Diplomatic relations established on September 7,1992.

Embassy of RA in Tokyo was opened in June, 2010.

Since May 8th of 2012 the Ambassador of RA to Japan is Mr. Grant Pogosyan.

Since November 2011 the Ambassador of Japan to the RA is Mr. Chikahito Harada (residence in Moscow).

Embassy of Japan in Armenia was opened in January 2015. 


To Japan


Foreign Minister of RA Vartan Oskanian


President of RA Robert Kocharian


Prime Minister of RA Andranik Margarian


Foreign Minister of RA Edward Nalbandian


President of RA Serzh Sargsyan

to Armenia

May 2011

Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Hisashi Tokunaga

November 2013 Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Takao Makino
January 2014 State Minister for  Foreign  Affairs  Minoru Kiuchi

Signed documents


  • Protocol on establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Armenia, September 7, 1992.
  • Joint statement on Friendship and Partnership between Armenia and Japan, December19, 2001, Tokyo.
  • Agreementon Technical Cooperation between the Government of Japan and Government of RA, June 8, 2005, Tokyo.
  • Memorandum on Cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, June 7,2012,Tokyo,
  • Joint Statement on the Further Deepening of Friendship and Partnership between Japan and RA, June 6, 2012 ,Tokyo

Bilateral trade between RA and Japan/mln. US dollars/

  export import
2011 0.3 72.3
2012 0.2 98.7
2013 0.1 96.2
2014 0.12 106.7

Main imported goods

Transportation means, optical and photo equipment, machinery, electronics.

Main exported goods

Alcohol beverage, drugs, chemical products, copper, ferroalloy and tobacco.


Updated on 11.02.2015

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